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Under existing conditions, such protection is already almost doing everything we can, and will use a lot of manpower material resources. But I still feel some regret, from the original environment of ji hongqiao and cliff stone also can give a person with along history? To be sure, ji hongqiao and cliff stone was just about to be submerged in the part of the cultural relics, there may be more cultural relics were completely give up, even the chance to be copied. Before closure of the three gorges dam, the cultural relics department mainly accounted for only 8% of rescue and protection of cultural relics, once had, experts say, constrained by the people of the existing cognitive level and technical conditions, no one can definitely abandoned 92% is the key. If so, it is always a pity. Water resources are rich in yunnan, but it is also natural and cultural treasure, this god save the land is in a fairly long period of facing the dilemma of shen congwen says progress and sacrifice. This needs the government departments with extremely high wisdom and hard efforts to deal with, with the scientific outlook on development as a guide to action. Specific to the hydropower development, whether we can in site selection, cheap ferragamo belts as far as possible to avoid has important historical value of cultural relics? Is not my preference for cultural relics and disregard for hydropower development is to the livelihood of the people's benefit, but the importance of cultural relics is not only reflected in its archaeological and ornamental value, it goes to the ultimate goal of human existence, poetic habitation. I understand that the so-called poetic, consists largely in today's people to be able to see the ancients can see, can feel the ancients feeling. The flooded ji hongqiao site, is such a poetic. Some might say, my stomach was much talk about what does not fill the poetry? But let the future generations can see ancestors to stay, is also the responsibility of our generation. On June 5, on this day, the god of death to the Cheap Ferragamo Belt especially favored. On the day of early morning, CCTV reporter and died; 8 am 25 points, chengdu bus burning incident, replica ferragamo belt 25 people were killed and 76 injured; At 3 PM, cheap ferragamo belt wulong county in chongqing iron township cocktail mountain landslide occurred in a mining area, killing 26 people, more than 70 people are missing. And is high I alumni of the 4 years, his untimely death let me have a kind of used in comes and bleakness. News reports said, and I work very hard on weekdays, his death may be due to the karoshi we say normally. Weekend with provincial Red Cross hospital in a doctor friend talked about this matter, he put forward different views, and I died of non-hodgkin's lymphoma, the malignant disease is mostly caused by poor eating habits, in a nutshell is acidity food preferences, gradually turned his body into an acidic sites. The doctor said the friend, the vast majority of people are because of blind to their own bad habits. He also advised me to give up smoking as soon as possible, otherwise, sooner or later die from lung cancer or other diseases caused by smoking. I know he is by no means alarmist, but want to let a person give up has been more than 20 years of habit, even knowing that are deadly vices, and talk easy - the Roman poet Ovid said: nothing is more powerful is the force of habit. Chengdu bus burning incident, some critics said, causing heavy casualties, the reason is that the car without lifesaving hammer so that the passengers can't use it to shoot air-condition closed the window, one by one all became turtles in a jar. This theory is very rational, it is worth to the reflection, but in my experience, even if have a lifesaving hammer, I also don't work. May be because the city is not big and the number of private cars, bus than other city in kunming is not crowded. I studied in Beijing at a very early age, and understand the bitterness of bus in Beijing - were packed with photographs, your feet can search of a piece of overrepresented even if good. I often stood on a bus in Beijing nap, never fear of fall, because everyone is chest stick back.
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